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    The face of your senior living customer is changing.

    Let the Dude show you the way.








    Why The Dude?

    Using the iconic baby boomer known as “The Dude”, we’ve put together a series of weekly videos about what this fictional character might say on real issues facing the senior living industry today. And, while The Dude might not be your exact demographic profile, his insights and attitudes toward 62+ living are spot on.

    Meals Are Marketing, Man…

    The Dude makes an excellent point. Unfortunately, no one teaches the value of culinary management in business school. That’s why we created the Culinary Coach. Our onsite evaluation will cover budget control, staffing, equipment, menu, service models and more. You’ll gain usable insights on what to improve and how to do it, as well as a better understanding of how to manage the second largest line item in your budget.

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