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    Get BDE (Big Digital Energy) with 3rdThird Marketing.

    The holy grail of marketing is when your brand and promotions clearly shine through in all media channels. That’s no easy task. Too often, companies farm out their digital marketing to web technicians who know very little about branding, messaging and keeping promotions up to date.

    3rdThird gives clients BDE — Big Digital Energy. We launch campaigns in offline and digital platforms simultaneously and track the lift from the coordinated effort across all channels.

    It works like this: Mrs. Smith gets a beautiful direct mail piece in the morning mail. Then, later in the afternoon while buzzing through Facebook, she sees the same promotion for your event. She might even receive an email. These multiple touch points boost the chance of her responding, far more than a single effort done in an isolated, disconnected way.

    Where to start? Begin by connecting with 3rdThird for a phone conversation or webinar to learn how you can obtain an average 25 percent effectiveness through integrated, coordinated campaigns.

    Buyer beware! Do you own your website?

    A common practice among web-marketing agencies is to add a new or redesigned website to a “proprietary marketing engine.” The problem? Your website becomes their intellectual property and is owned by them. Not only that, your marketing intelligence is also owned by the agency.

    3rdThird is different.

    We give ownership of websites to our clients—and they can move their site if or when the contract is not renewed. It’s simple: When we part ways, your website and your intel are yours. That’s as it should be, right? We give our clients full access to the back-end WordPress environment, in case of emergencies. Although most clients seldom need it, this access provides peace of mind and guarantees ownership.


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