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    Every Meal Sends a Message.
    That’s Why We Created the Culinary Coach.

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    Did you know that 90 percent of census-challenged communities also struggle with dining issues? The Culinary Coach, a standalone consulting arm of 3rdThird Marketing, gives senior living communities direct access to highly experienced chefs and nutritionists that can fix your culinary issues.

    The only things standing in the way of your community becoming a fully self-operating dining department are training manuals, recipes, cycle menus, and good coaching and training. The Culinary Coach can help you move from contract dining to a self-operated culinary program. Once you do, you can boost resident satisfaction by improving service, taste, nutrition and quality. The Culinary Coach may even be able to lower your operating costs by as much as 15 percent. Ask us how.

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    Read the Culinary Coach Blog and listen to the Culinary Coach on the Cosmic Soup podcast.

    Consulting Programs

    • Dining program turn-arounds
    • Dining experience & staffing programs
    • Equipment purchasing consultation
    • Hiring, staffing, training

    New Communities & Relaunch

    • Dining program design
    • Costing, estimating
    • Procedural documentation
    • Architectural plan reviews

    ACF Approved

    American Culinary Federation
    We offer Continuing Education Hours (CEH’s) for recertification. Take advantage of our culinary and dietary nutrition classes which provide 5 CEH’s. We come to you — within your community or at nearby venues — with classes that will help keep your recertification current. Learn more by filling out the form below.

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    Ask about the Culinary Coach’s monthly retainer. It’s a pain-free way to keep your program on track.

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