Cosmic Soup

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3rdThird is Launching a Podcast:
Ear We Go

Every two weeks, 3rdThird Marketing will bring the brightest ideas in senior living to a pair of headphones near you. Check out our launch episode and because it’s timely, we’re also highlighting a hot-off-the-digital-recorder episode about Culinary & Coronavirus.

Cosmic Soup will touch on everything: From branding to brain science to culinary to culture, we’ll dive deep into senior living topics you want to know about (and probably a few you’ve never heard of).

Episode Index

Episode #7

“Dr. Kelly Tremblay – Audiology, Dementia, Food and Science”
Dr. Kelly Tremblay is a tenured professor of audiology and neuroscience, formerly of the University of Washington right here in our own Pacific Northwest. We were honored when she stopped by the Cosmic Soup Lair to engage Cynthia and Mike in an amazing conversation about the ways that hearing impacts the cognitive abilities of people as they age.

Episode #6

“Covid-19: Crisis Communications, Marketing & Culinary”
The Culinary Coach team and 3rdThird team recorded a second special episode addressing COVID-19 for the senior living industry.

Episode #5

“Culinary & Coronavirus Prevention”
New Coronavirus: Perhaps nowhere besides dining does a resident have more chances for transmission.

Episode #1

“So what’s in the Cosmic Soup?”
Listen to Cynthia Cruver from 3rdThird Marketing and Chef Shawn Boling from the Culinary Coach give you the scoop on what Cosmic Soup is all about.

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