Cosmic Soup

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    Ear We Go.

    3rdThird Marketing will brings the brightest ideas in senior living to a pair of headphones near you.

    Cosmic Soup touches on everything: From branding to brain science to culinary to culture, we’ll dive deep into senior living topics you want to know about (and probably a few you’ve never heard of).

    Episode Index

    Episode #24

    “Contracted Dining Vs. Self-Operation – Introducing Culinary VP Scott Daniels”
    Joining us today is Scott Daniels, Vice President of Culinary and Operations at Culinary Coach. Scott brings over 25 years of experience in contracted dining, and we took the opportunity to take a deep dive into the subject.

    Episode #23

    “Visual Storytelling for Maximum Impact: Introducing Elliott Moore”
    Fresh off our trip through the cosmos, we make a triumphant return to introduce our newest addition to the team, visual storytelling guru Elliott Moore.

    Episode #22

    “Cynthia Thurlow Cruver- Branding: How to Get it Right”
    Today, Cynthia stops by the Cosmic Soup Lair to discuss her primary area of expertise: branding. We discuss the ins and outs of branding: what it is, what it isn’t, why it’s important, and how to tell if it’s time to make some changes.

    Episode #21

    “Immune-Boosting Superfood and Microbiome Extravaganza!”
    To make sure we roll into the New Year better prepared, Cynthia and I invited registered dietician Randi Saeter and professor of audiology and neuroscience Dr. Kelly Tremblay to join us for an epic conversation about the microbiome, the mind-gut connection, delicious superfoods, and healthy habits.

    Episode #20

    “Lifting Spirits with Aldersgate’s Brooks Shelley”
    We’re joined today by Brooks Shelley, Aldersgate’s Director of Branding and Community Engagement. Tune in to hear Brooks and Mike discuss the ways that Aldersgate approaches resident and community engagement, and how they are managing to keep morale up and spirits lifted during the holidays.

    Episode #19

    “Don Warfield – Level Up Your Sales”
    Join Cynthia, Don, and Mike as they discuss Don’s epic sales career and his philosophy on generating lasting relationships. We explore his vision for the industry, the creation of Community Coach, and what he brings to the 3rd Third soup! We also recap what’s been going on with us over the last couple of months.

    Episode #18

    “Cultivating Culture at Cadence”
    What’s a common hobby among centenarians? According to a study recently covered by the BBC, the favored hobby is … gardening! Joining us today is Rob Leinbach, Principal at Cadence Living, a company that develops, manages and owns a national portfolio of communities ranging from modest to truly upscale.

    Episode #17

    “Bringing Nature Indoors with Orla Concannon of Eldergrow”
    Are you a fan of hands-on gardening, farm-to-fork culinary projects or natural alternatives to pharmacology? Then check out this uplifting episode! We meet Orla Concannon, founder and CEO of Seattle-based Eldergrow.

    Episode #16

    “Mailbag! – Your Questions Answered”
    For the last few months, we’ve invited you to submit your questions and comments to [email protected] so that we can address them on the air and answer your burning questions.

    Episode #15

    “Derek Dujardin (Part 2) – COVID-19 and Pivoting for Productivity”
    In part two of our conversation with Creative Director Derek Dujardin, we discuss his thoughts on how COVID-19 has affected the ways we approach marketing, branding, and pivoting for productivity. We also learn what Derek’s ideal community would look like!

    Episode #14

    “Derek Dujardin (Part 1) – Creativity and ROI”
    As the architect of many award-winning campaigns for 3rdThird Marketing and its clients, Creative Director and Brand Strategist Derek Dujardin has had a front-row seat to the evolution of branding and marketing strategies in the senior living field.

    Episode #13

    “Considering the Future”
    So far on Cosmic Soup, we’ve focused on industry insiders and experts in the field to provide technical insight and professional inspiration. Today we’re mixing things up to present a really fun conversation with active 80 year old Jackie Heal. She gives us some insight into her lifestyle at her community.

    Episode #12

    “Digital Marketing for the New Norm (Part 2)”
    Trish Mayer and Anna Rose Warren shift gears to discuss the nature of working for a female-led company in a historically male-driven industry, the effect COVID-19 has had on the digital and social realms, and what implications the public health crisis may have for the future of physical media.

    Episode #11

    “Digital Marketing for the New Normal (Part 1)”
    Today, Digital Marketing Manager Trish Mayer and Social Media Director Anna Rose Warren engage in an enlightening discussion on common misconceptions they see and how the industry can adapt as the virtual landscape quickly evolves.

    Episode #10

    “Farm-to-Table Dining and Menu Engineering”
    In Part Two of Cynthia’s interview with Chef Mike Peacock, they discuss the impact of quality food in a community, plus Mike’s philosophies on farm-to-table dining and what it will take for it to gain momentum in the industry.

    Episode #9

    “Kitchen Not-So-Confidential”
    In a shocking twist of cosmic fate, Cosmic Soup host and Executive Chef Mike Peacock finds himself in the hot seat as Cynthia takes over hosting duties and picks his brain about the similarities and differences between the food service and retail industries.

    Episode #8

    “Chef Shawn Boling – In The Trenches!”
    As a Culinary Coach, Chef Shawn Boling takes a unique approach to providing engaging culinary consulting services to the senior living industry. Today, he discusses with host and fellow chef Mike Peacock his evolutionary pathway to consulting and coaching.

    Episode #7

    “Dr. Kelly Tremblay – Audiology, Dementia, Food and Science”
    Dr. Kelly Tremblay is a tenured professor of audiology and neuroscience, formerly of the University of Washington right here in our own Pacific Northwest.

    Episode #6

    “Covid-19: Crisis Communications, Marketing & Culinary”
    The Culinary Coach team and 3rdThird team recorded a second special episode addressing COVID-19 for the senior living industry.

    Episode #5

    “Culinary & Coronavirus Prevention”
    New Coronavirus: Perhaps nowhere besides dining does a resident have more chances for transmission.

    Episode #4

    “Operational Challenges and Solutions”
    How do you know if you’ve got a major operation problem? In part two of this epic discussion with Cecil Rinker, we finish up with workforce.

    Episode #3

    “Workforce in Senior Living”
    We’re joined today by Cecil Rinker, whom Cynthia has dubbed “The Operations Genie.” Cecil has spent 23 years in the senior housing industry.

    Episode #1

    “So what’s in the Cosmic Soup?”
    Listen to Cynthia Cruver from 3rdThird Marketing and Chef Shawn Boling from the Culinary Coach give you the scoop on what Cosmic Soup is all about.

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