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3rdThird Marketing Makes LeadingAge National Come Alive!

The 3rdThird Team - Reaching the Senior Market

Connect with us at LeadingAge San Diego 2019


  • TALK TO CULINARY COACH SHAWN BOLING about how to improve taste while cutting costs.
  • DISCUSS YOUR BRANDING AND MARKETING challenges with Cynthia Cruver, Derek Dujardin and Trish Mayer.
  • GET SELFIES with “The Dude”
  • ATTEND our live presentation on “How To Get The Most Out Of Your Agency” with experts from GlynnDevins, Varsity and 3rdThird Marketing.
  • RIDE THE DUDERINO party bus to and from The Zeiglar party to various hotels around San Diego on Tuesday night. White Russians and cocktails will be provided onboard with The Dude!

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Full Schedule of Events

Monday, October 28 2019
8:00 – 9:30 AM
91-B. Working With Marketing Agencies: How to Get Your Money’s Worth

Speakers: See top executives from three prominent agencies that specialize in the senior living and health services together on the same stage: GlynnDevins, Varsity Marketing and Cynthia Thurlow Cruver from 3rdThird.

  • Gain tangible information, including rough budget figures and timeframes, which can help your organization launch a successful marketing campaign that tells your unique story.
  • Discover how to get the most for your money when working with a marketing agency, and how to ensure that the agency becomes a strong partner in helping you define what makes your community shine among its competitors.
  • Hear true confessions of how marketing efforts went wrong and why, success stories for clients who got it right, and advice for how to avoid pitfalls you might never see coming.

Monday, October 28, 2019
10:00 – 11:30 AM
94-C. Blending Culinary and Marketing for a Delicious Return on Investment

Speakers: Chef Shawn Boling, Executive Chef and Culinary Coach who helps senior living communities to upgrade their programs with new cycle menus and recipes, process and training and service design; Dr. Kelly Tremblay, PHD, a neuroscientist (and audiologist) who will speak about the depth of meaning culinary has for your residents and marketing and branding specialist Cynthia Thurlow Cruver will show solid examples and results about how marketing culinary translates into census.

  • Find out how a fully baked relationship between marketing and culinary will differentiate your organization and build census while improving your bottom line.
  • Start the process of redefining your culinary program and understand how that process can help define your organization, save you money, and set you on the path to success in multiple areas.
  • Take away tangible information, rough budget figures, and timeframes for how your community could blend its culinary program with a solid social media strategy for a delicious return on investment.

Monday, October 28
11:30 AM – 3:30 PM
Swing by Booth #3421 and pick up some great sparkling swag, see Eldergrow sauce demos and meet the team. Get a selfie with “The Dude”. Stop in and meet Dr. Kelly Tremblay PHD, FAA Audiology & Communication Neuroscience our new advisory board member. (Pssst. We’re pretty excited about her!)

Tuesday, October 29
Ride The Dude Party Bus. It’s a hop-on-hop-off bus that buzzes around bars, the Ziegler party, hotel drop offs and more. Stop by #3421 to get your whistle — your ticket to get on the bus! Or RSVP here.

Wednesday, October 30
9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Swing by Booth #3421 and pick up some great sparkling swag, t-shirts and free gifts!


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