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It typically takes a minimum of seven contacts for consumers to make a buying decision. And this is especially true for the senior living industry, where prospects are facing life-changing decisions. Maintaining contact for the duration of the sales process, from the first point of contact though the decision, is crucial.

3rdThird Marketing specializes in making this process seamless for sales and marketing professionals. We focus on nurturing the contacts so you can continue to focus on tours and closings! And here are some of the ways that we do it:

Email marketing—keeping in touch.

Once a lead has been generated, keeping in touch using email is an efficient and easy way to stay in front of the prospect. 3rdThird Marketing offers a best-in-class email platform with template development and turnkey email blasting services. Coupled with strategy and list-building assistance, email is an effective way to build relationships.

Timed direct mail—getting more done.

What if your sales team could send a request for the right mail package to go to a prospect and, presto, it was in the mail the next day? Think of how that could positively affect your business and allow your sales team to get more done! That's exactly what 3rdThird Marketing will do for you, in an easy, hassle-free way.

Newsletters - keeping your name out there.

Interesting newsletters branded to your company, and populated with as little or as much boilerplate content as needed, are a great way to stay top-of-mind with potential customers. And getting them out has never been easier than with the 3rdThird Marketing newsletter program that practically writes them for you!

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