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ALFA 2015 Film Winner on Ageism

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Client:  Presbyterian Retirement Communities Northwest (PRCN)
Project:  Transforming the Perception of Age


Highlight ageism in a compelling way.


Create a video of some of the extraordinary people that live a life that destroys the pre-conceptions of how people think of older adults. Working with our wonderful client, PRCN, director John Jeffcoat interviewed real people—no actors, no script, just residents of their communities.


The video won the ALFA 2015 Film Competition on Ageism www.alfa.org/alfa/2015_Film_Winner.asp, out of a field of over 45 submissions. In addition, it was screened at the 2015 ALFA annual conference and other state LeadingAge conferences, providing great word-of-mouth and social media interest for both PRCN and 3rdThird Marketing. And, it generated new business leads!

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