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Your operations performance will make the difference between ho-hum and oh wow. It will make the difference between "why isn't this done" and "everything seems to run so well".

Operations is important, effective, efficient, and profitable when all is well. When it is not, residents, clients, family members and employees are put in a dilemma and may start looking for a way out.

3rdThird operations consulting will provide senior living expertise for companies at the corporate, regional, or community-level. With an extensive background in enhancing company and community operations, our expertise includes all elements of project implementation. There is always room for one more great senior living company!

Operations consulting services include:

  • Evaluation of community services, apartments and common spaces to determine competitiveness in the market place
  • Assessment of current operations
  • Review pricing and services
  • Food Service improvement planning
  • Hospitality service implementation
  • New service and enhancement recommendations
  • Resident satisfaction improvement
  • Budget planning and review
  • Recommendations for NOI and cash flow improvements
  • Staff development and training
  • Creation of operating procedures for opening and lease-up of new communities
  • Pre-opening recruitment, hiring and training of new development teams
  • Culture development and training
  • Internal communications improvement and training
  • Senior sensitivity training
  • Staff training in all areas of operations


Your compliance performance will make the difference between "we know our risk and policies are in place" and "we have to pay how much?"

Due to the increasing number of regulations and need for operational transparency, businesses need to establish company standards and policies to comply with relevant laws and regulations – not glamorous but oh so important.

3rdThird compliance consulting will provide expertise for companies at the corporate, regional, and community level. With an extensive background in identifying, researching, organizing, and writing company standards and policies for the senior living industry. Our experts are ready to assist you!

Compliance consulting services include:

For established businesses in trouble, on the move, trying to do what they do better:

  • Company-wide document review
  • Multi-site, multi-state regulatory overview with policy development, organization and implementation
  • Work product that is systematic, thorough and easy to understand
  • Interaction with corporate office and field to identify needs and risks
  • Manage/coordinate project/program with company team
  • Auditing and compliance tools

For new businesses:

  • New business development – strategizing with team on company structure, management, operations
  • Define problems, collect information, draw valid conclusions, present recommendations


  • Provide interesting and fun tools to make work easier, more efficient
  • Strong presentation skills – patient and encouraging as the work is passed on to company team
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