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How does 3rdThird Marketing generate traffic? We leave no stone unturned and no opportunity unexplored. Here are some of our tried and true methods that pay off handsomely for our clients.

Direct mail—speaks volumes about who you are.

Still considered one of the best methods to reach new customers, direct mail is highly targeted and can convey a high quality image for your company or community. It's extremely effective for event invitations, incentives to tour and overall lead generation.

3rdThird Marketing specializes in database marketing and can deliver soup-to-nuts custom services—list planning, creative development, production, mailing and response collection. Or, for smaller organizations, we offer off-the-shelf direct mail products that are quickly customized and mailed.

Websites and microsites—making the first contact count.

Websites are often the first contact with your company and most of what makes a website truly effective can't be seen on the surface! The effectiveness of your website depends on visually appealing, easy-to-navigate content up front and behind the scenes tools that improve visibility and measurability. At 3rdThird Marketing, we can build you a brand new website or vastly upgrade the one you have by improving search engine rankings and turning leads into customers.

Online PR—everyone is looking for answers.

Getting to the point with relevant content is the key to retaining the interest of your target customer. And it's even more important on the Internet. 3rdThird Marketing has vast experience and knowledge in this sector and has developed proprietary content that we put to use in communications development. Which means we can help you with your website, blog materials, social media marketing, press articles and more.

Collateral and fulfillment materials—quality is key.

Being prepared to provide quality information when interested people are not quite ready to act is critical. It not only keeps leads in your court, but it gives them an incentive to make the next move. 3rdThird Marketing provides high-quality collateral and fulfillment solutions, both custom and off-the-shelf, to cover a wide variety of needs. 

Inbound Internet marketing—gaining first contact traction.

The Internet is the number one lead source for most of our clients. That's because it's the first place people look for answers. This is doubly true for the sandwich generation —people fitting work, childcare and adult care into an already busy life.

Our ability to provide search marketing strategies—organic search engine optimization for websites, pay per click advertising on major search engines, social media advertising, response and fulfillment methods, banner advertising, microsite development and landing pages—helps our clients quickly gain traction in this environment.

Identity and messaging—creating a lasting impression.

Concisely and effectively communicating who you are and your value as an organization makes all the difference in marketing. At 3rdThird Marketing, we've developed a process that can help you define your company in a unique way. We also provide you with an effective marketing toolkit that can be used throughout your company—to create cost efficiencies, save time and deliver higher returns on your marketing investment.

Display advertising—yes, seniors read ads!

Newspaper rates have become far more negotiable recently, and the good news is, seniors still read the papers! We can provide the media planning and placement for your ad campaign, along with inspiring creative that makes people respond. Or we can simply provide compelling individual ads to your requested size as needed.

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