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Quick leads for senior living communities.

For organizations that need tools fast and at a very low cost, 3rdThird Marketing has developed a set of off-the-shelf marketing products designed for the senior industry. Not only are these products professionally developed by top copywriters and creative designers, but we offer the promotional ideas as well—such as special event invitations and incentive-to-tour ideas.

Order them in quantities as small or large as you like and within a matter of days or weeks, they can be customized and launched for you. Our turnkey offering is growing and expanding all the time.

Here are just a few samples of our direct mail and online products. For the complete list, give us a call or email a request to .

  • Seasonal event invitations - As you already know, hosting events can be an effective way to generate interest and new leads. We offer an array of seasonal event ideas and the mailers to go with them!

  • Clever and effective incentive mailers - 3rdThird Marketing has tested a host of incentives for touring and we have historical knowledge of what works—fun, eye-catching mailers that grab your prospect's attention when they arrive in the mailbox.

  • Templated microsites - If your main website is not up to the task of delivering your value potential and capturing leads, there is no need to start all over from scratch. We offer a templated microsite that comes with all of the search engine optimization bells and whistles that make it perform. The microsite becomes the response path for your promotions, thereby increasing your responses.

  • Pay Per Click - Google/Bing advertising - Often, family members and other influencers are the audience you're trying to reach. Since these people are on the Internet looking for solutions, helping them find your company or community is the first step to increased occupancy.

  • Online Ordering System - Protect your brand while allowing your communities to manage their own marketing. Our online ordering system is set up specifically for your brand. It includes templates for your marketing materials from folders to direct mail, with community access and central controls. This turn-key system frees up your time while protecting your brand.

Whatever your needs, large or small, custom or turnkey, 3rdThird Marketing has a solution that will streamline your business, increase your profits and help seniors into the bargain.

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